Peak® Spectroscopy Software Colorimetric Analysis

This tool calculates CIE colorimetric values from visible spectra . The spectra must be in units of nanometers vs. Reflectance and cover the spectral range of 360 to 830 nanometers.

CIE is the International Commission on Illumination. This body makes recomendations for colorimetry and photometry. The standards specify the light source (or illuminant) and the observer (field of view).

This tool is an add-on plugin. Click here to download the plugin: setup_cieTool.exe After installation, the tool will appear in the 'Analysis' toolbox with the label 'CIE Color Measurement'.

A collection of 24 sample spectra are available, click here to download them. These spectra correspond to the 24 ColorChecker tiles produced by X-Rite. The tiles are an array of 24 scientifically formulated colors that have been the leading industry color reference target for more than 40 years.

X-Rite ColorChecker Tiles
The X-Rite ColorChecker tiles

A table of the colorimetric values for these tiles is available here.

This tool is essential for color-matching measurements. Many application areas make use of this analysis:

  1. Plastics and textiles color control in development and manufacturing
  2. Color control of labels and packaging materials
  3. Testing of inks and paints
  4. Any finished product that requires color control

Peak uses these CIE illuminants:

  1. CIE D65 (daylight)
  2. CIE A (incandescent)
  3. CIE F2 (fluorescent)

And these CIE standard observers:

  1. Two degree field of view (CIE 1931)
  2. Ten degree field of view (CIE 1964)

These color space values are calculated and reported by Peak Spectroscopy Software:

  1. CIE XYZ
  2. CIE Lab
  3. CIE LCh
  4. RGB

For more information on the theory and calculations, please see this helpful and informative site: