Export Spectral Plots for Publication using Peak® Spectroscopy Software

Peak makes it easy to export spectral data plots for inclusion in documents and publications. The 'Export Graphics' Tool includes these options:

The Export Graphics tool

The graphic can be exported to the clipboard or file. The supported file formats are PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF and SVG. All of these are bitmap formats except SVG, which is Scalable Vector Graphics. The advantage of SVG is it can be scaled to any size without the 'pixelation' that occurs when resizing bitmap formats.

Complete control over size, color, background, font, line width and grids, graphics can be tailored for any document style.

In addtion, the graphic can be exported to the clipboard at any time using the standard Windows 'copy' hotkey combination of Ctrl+C. Also, an icon on the spectral display window makes the export options quickly available.

In this picture, all of the available options have been expanded:

Export Graphics options

License Terms For direct printing of spectra and reports, Peak has a 'Plot Layout Editor' which allows you to exactly position elements on a page for printing.