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Mid IR, Near IR, FTIR, Raman, fluorescence, LIBS, XRF, UV-VIS, Raman and EELS

21 CFR part 11 compliant

Peak can read your Data

Peak can read data from over 70 spectral file types.

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Spectral File Conversions

Batch-convert files from closed proprietary formats.

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GRAMS replacement

Are you a GRAMS user? Try Peak for free. We think you'll prefer it.

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Turn Data Into Information

Smoothing, Baseline Correction, Line Out, Normalization, Subtraction and more...

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View Spectra

Outstanding interactive data visualization tools with expand, auto-scale, roll and zoom.

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Save Time

Process any number of spectra with one-click built-in batch processing.

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Python Powered

Extend Peak by writing custom data processing scripts with Python.

Peak Scripting

Generate Reports

Generate reports in PDF, ASCII, DOC, HTML or XLS formats.

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Licenses are permanent. Updates are free. There are no subscription fees.

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