Sigma-Aldrich Libraries from Wiley

We are pleased to offer the Sigma-Aldrich libraries through our partneship with Wiley Publishing.

If you order the libraries from us, you will also receive a permanent license to our Peak Library Search software (more information)

Library#spectrapricemore informationBrochure (pdf)
Sigma-Aldrich Library of FT-IR Spectra11,270.00$2,500.00FTIR Spectra at Wiley.comFT-IR Brochure
Sigma-Aldrich Library of ATR-IR Spectra19,503.00$2,500.00ATR Spectra at Wiley.comATR-IR Brochure
Sigma-Aldrich Library of Raman Spectra6,487.00$2,500.00Raman Spectra at Wiley.comRaman Brochure

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Peak Library Search software package

Supported data file formats

User data files in any of our supported file formats can be searched.

In addition to searching spectra, you can:

  • Browse the libraries like a reference book.
  • Search for meta-data text such as compound names, CAS numbers, etc.
  • Search libraries by peak positions, for instance to find all library spectra with a carbonyl peak.

Search Algorithms

  • Correlation Coefficient
  • Euclidean Distance
  • Squared Difference
  • Absolute Difference

Search can also be use be done using the first or second derivative of the data.

Search can be full-spectrum or limited to user-selected regions of the spectra.

Spectral Manipulations useful in pre-treatment of data

In addition to the ability to search the libraries, Peak Library Search software includes these features sometimes needed to obtain good search results:

  • Automatic Baseline Correction
  • Manual Baseline Correction
  • Zap (line-out regions)
  • Subtract
  • Smoothing
  • Advanced ATR Correction

User Library Support

Peak Library Search can search user-built spectral libraries in these formats:

  • Grams Spectral ID user libraries
  • Perkin Elmer user libraries
  • Thermo Omnic user libraries
  • Sadtler user libraries
  • Mattson Winfirst user libraries

Other Commercial Libraries

Peak Search Software can search libraries from any commercial library vendor that are formatted for "Galactic - Grams/32 & SpectralID".

Search Reports

Search Reports can be saved in PDF (.pdf), Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), ASCII (.txt) and HTML (.html) formats.