Peak® Spectroscopy Software support for ArcOptix FTIR and FT-NIR instruments

ARCoptix is a manufacturer of high performance FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers combining high resolution, broad wavelength range and excellent sensitivity.

Please visit ArcOptix for more information about the instruments that are available.

How to install the software

  • Install the ArcOptix ArcSpectroMD software that is provided with the instrument. This installs the necessary device drivers.
  • Download and install Peak® Spectroscopy Software.
  • Download and run the ArcOptix data collection plugin for Peak®.
    1. Connect the instrument to the computer using the USB cable.
    2. Make sure the instrument is turned on.
    3. Start Peak®.
    4. In Peak®, expand the 'Instrument' toolbox.
    5. Choose the 'Select Instruments' Tool.
    6. Place a checkbox next to the ArcOptix entry in the list.
    7. Click the 'Apply' button.
    8. Restart Peak®.